Counterfeit Material Safeguards
  • Sourcing Mitigation: 
    Procurement exclusively from OEMs or authorized OEM distributors
  • Communications: Formal communications plans and GIDEP participation
  • Inspection: Comprehensive inspection criteria including kind, count, condition, documentation verification and retention
  • Internal Training: Formal training including definition, identification, procurement and avoidance of counterfeit material
  • Returns Management: 
    Stringent requirements for returns including detailed return material authorization processes and inspection

Proximity Warehouses

Banneker’s Proximity Warehouse solution is an innovative approach to sourcing, procurement and delivery of product using a pull-based demand model that greatly reduces Customer’s inventory levels, carrying costs, cycle times and associated risk within their supply chain. A true Just-in-Time supplier managed inventory SCM model, Banneker’s Proximity Warehouse is customized to meet unique product requirements while also being strategically located within close “proximity” to the point of consumption.


The value of Banneker’s Proximity Warehouse solution goes far beyond a consolidated supply base and piece part cost reductions, but also:

  • Reduces Customer internal supply chain actions
  • Reduces inventory levels and space requirements
  • Increases inventory turns
  • Improves on-time delivery
  • Enables unscheduled/rapid delivery demands
  • Mitigates financial and obsolescence risk
  • Facilitates more accurate forecasting
  • Ensures counterfeit material safeguards
  • Ensures product availability, reliability and warranty

With this solution, Banneker bears the full responsibility to purchase, manage vendors, track, receive, inspect, stock, prep, kit and deliver material. Customer orders are auto-triggered, pulled and delivered to multiple Customer points of use as demand arises, helping the Customer achieve zero inventory cost prior to actual usage. Banneker’s Proximity Warehouse is product neutral and can be setup to meet the needs of a wide range of Customers, vendors, commodity types and consumption points. In addition to a streamlined supply chain model, Banneker can deliver even greater value if they are able to leverage their strategic partnerships with consignment programs to dramatically reduce their Customer’s carrying costs.


Take Advantage Today

Banneker’s Proximity Warehouse is a proven model that can be scaled up or down to meet specific Customer needs with the ability to add key vendors, commodities and delivery locations. Contact their expert Sales Team at 800.808.5373 or today and discover how Banneker can help drive costs, risks and uncertainty out of your operations.

Banneker is a certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Women Business Enterprise (WBE)/Women Owned Small Business (WOSB).

AS9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company