Customer Value Proposition

The GPDC enables Customers to:

  • Streamline the disposition process which reduces GP overhead costs while providing Customers with the ability to accelerate Prime Contracts closeout and get the product of their books
  • Leverage Banneker’s technology to eliminate manual processes while enhancing reporting accuracy and communications
  • Reduce costs through the consolidation of internal resources and external vendors to Banneker as a single partner and interface
  • Transform GP disposition from a cost center to a strategic competitive advantage with a partner who understands the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 45 and 52 including DD-1149 and DD-250 requirements
  • Provide ease of mind in knowing that Customer property is being managed by a cleared contractor with advanced security measures including onsite guards
  • Maintains product integrity in a facility that is both temperature and humidity controlled
  • Implement best practices/continuous improvement initiatives to gain additional efficiencies and cost savings throughout property life

Government Property Disposition Center

Laser focused on accountability, traceability and security, Banneker’s Government Disposition Center (GPDC) solution addresses the complex processes, cumbersome administration and high costs associated with the end lifecycle management of Government-owned assets and related capital items. The GPDC is Banneker’s innovative approach to the end lifecycle management of Government Property (GP) that has been put on case with the Federal Government for disposition.


The Challenge

For several years one of the world’s largest Aerospace/Defense Prime Contractors had issues regarding the end lifecycle processes and management of their Government Property, including inaccurate inventory, lack of visibility, failed DCMA audits, concerns regarding material integrity (FOE/FOD) and limited staff resources.


How It Works

Banneker receives Government-owned property and prior to putaway, validates the kind, count and condition, security level, storage requirements and other associated documentation. Collaborating with the Customer, Banneker Industries confirms and acknowledges receipt, furnishing any required reports. Once authorization has been given to move the material (i.e. scrap, demolition, demilitarization, sell-off, cannibalization, etc.), Banneker works together with their strategic vendors to validate that the disposition process is fulfilled, all paperwork has been completed, all systems updated and all stakeholders notified accordingly. With numerous quality checks in place throughout the process, Banneker is able to maintain high levels of inventory accuracy and transparency.


The Results

Initially started as a value-added warehousing contract, the Customer quickly saw the value and expertise that Banneker could bring and subsequently turned to Banneker for additional property administration, auditing and demolition services – growing the relationship almost 50%. Over the past five years notable achievements include a 28% labor cost savings (per billable hour), over 60% reduction in demolition costs and a supply chain consolidation from four vendors to just one – Banneker Industries.

This solution has been an innovation enabler and game changer for Banneker’s Customer, reducing their internal operating costs and disposition cycle time while dramatically increasing their inventory accuracy levels. Team Banneker has proven to be such a valuable asset to the management of Government Property that the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) has made recommendations to the Customer to increase utilization of Banneker’s GPDC services for continued success.


Take Advantage Today

Banneker’s GPDC solution can be customized and scaled to meet your unique challenges related to the end lifecycle management of Government Property. Contact Banneker’s expert Sales Team at 800.808.5373 or today and discover how Banneker can help address the complex processes, cumbersome administration and high costs in your GP supply chain.

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