Service In-Depth
  • Sourcing & Cost Evaluation
  • Bill of Materials Validation
  • Purchasing
    • Consignment
    • VMI
    • Flexible Terms
  • Vendor Management
  • Kitting/Pick/Pack
  • “Green” Packaging
  • Final Delivery
    • Just-in-Time
    • Kanban

Unique to Retail Customers

  • Project/Production Specific Kits (Built to Order)
  • Light assembly
  • End-user customization and sequencing
  • Club packs, bundling, promotional kits
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)/Point-of-Purchase (POP) display assembly
  • Bar-coding/Labeling

Kitting Service Profile


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 Kitting Videos


Banneker’s Advanced Kitting and Integration service is a versatile, product neutral solution that delivers custom integrated kits to address the needs of a wide range of Customers. Although kits can be built from both Customer-owned and purchased materials, leveraged with their Procurement management capabilities, Banneker’s Advanced Kitting services serve as a powerful tool for reliable, just-in-time products that meet demanding production schedules. Kits can also be developed with innovative “Lean and Green” packaging options (i.e. returnable tote, plastic pallets), flexible pricing models (i.e. consignment, delayed terms) and unique delivery methods (Just-in-Time, Kanban replenishment) to add value to their Customers supply chains.

Banneker Industries offers fully traceable kits ranging from simple “bag and tag” builds to advanced kitting/integration solutions that are tailored to meet a wide range of manufacturing and commercial customer needs and specifications. These kits can be customized to contain not only the core product, but other important items that streamline a Customer’s operation including pertinent documentation, assembly instructions, labels, associated tooling, etc.

Whether the goal is to ensure mission readiness and reduce cycle times for Aerospace/Defense/Government clients or to drive our costs and respond to irregular demand for Commercial Manufacturers/Distributors, Banneker is the premier partner of choice.


To learn more about how Banneker’s Advanced Kitting and Integration services can streamline and drive costs out of your supply chains, please contact

Banneker is a certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Women Business Enterprise (WBE)/Women Owned Small Business (WOSB).

AS9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company